Going gluten free in the hypothyroid community is a hot topic. Some people swear by it, some doctors do suggest it, but is it a cure-all? Should everyone with hypothyroidism go gluten free?

If you’ve been reading along with my person journey, you probably know that I went gluten free back in August. You may also know that I was seriously considering going back to gluten in November (just in time for Thanksgiving)… which I did.

So all in all, I was gluten free for three months and I’ve been eating gluten again now for two months.

So what’s my experience? To be completely honest, going gluten free did nothing for me besides force me to buy very expensive products and flours. My dive into gluten free bread baking was fun and pretty successful, but very pricey.

Before going gluten free, I felt fine. My doctor only suggested it to help lower my antibodies and we didn’t test for antibody levels while I was gluten free, so I really have no idea if it made any difference (my doctor claimed it takes six months to a year for gluten to leave your system, but I’ve also read otherwise, so yeah…).

While I was gluten free, I felt exactly the same. Not an ounce of difference, and when there was zero change in my lab work, I decided that it wasn’t worth it. Luckily, I was just about out of all my gluten free flours, so it was the perfect time to make the switch back.

Now that I’ve been back to eating gluten for two months, I still feel 100% the same, and I get to enjoy making and eating a fresh sourdough loaf every week. Oh, and the kicker? My TSH is the lowest it’s ever been! (If you haven’t already, read about my best lab results yet)

So, what’s my take on going gluten free? It definitely helps some people and it’s worth a shot to try, but it’s not for everyone. It certainly isn’t for me.

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