I’ve been on the hunt for a new doctor.

When I was first told that I needed to find an endocrinologist, I found one right away and liked her well enough. Back then, I frequented the Hashimoto’s Disease and hypothyroidism Reddits and found so many people were unhappy with their doctors. I was shocked, honestly, because I was having a good experience with mine.

Well, fast forward to today… I totally get it now and I’m 100% over my current doctor. It’s to the point where I’m never going to be seeing her again (you can read about why here).

Something that I started to think about while looking for a new doctor is what if it’s all actually useless? Depressing, I know. But hear me out… I’ve been thinking that going to another endocrinologist won’t change anything. Why? Endocrinologists really only treat based on TSH, not based on antibodies. My TSH is in a good place at the moment, so what would a new doctor do for me?

So, I started looking into other kinds of doctors. I landed on functional medicine, which I’ve heard has helped people with Hashimoto’s, but the few doctors that I found either don’t take my insurance or don’t take insurance at all.

$750 for a two hour appointment. *AHEM*. I think not.

That was discouraging.

I started looking to internists, but do I even really know what that means? Absolutely not.

After thinking and looking and searching and thinking and calling… I did decide that I do need a new endocrinologist. Even though my TSH is at a good level now, it can change and I want a doctor who will prescribe me the medication that I’m currently on.. because it’s finally working.

The good news is that I did find someone that I’d like to go see. Can you guess the bad news? Yep, I haven’t called yet. But I’m going to blame work on that one.

Hey, any progress is progress.

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