Well, well, well, here we are in year 2022 and it feels sort of like deja vu. Not only won’t this pandemic end, my lab results are back to where I started.

I know I owe you all an update from 2021. I didn’t post after my doctor’s appointment in September, but I didn’t post for a good reason! That being because nothing came of it. Nothing changed, so there wasn’t much of anything to say.

Fast forward to December 2021, got my lab work in preparation for an appointment in January and wow, did we have some changes.

Not good ones, obviously. Why would we have a positive change?

Let me take a step back and say that after my bland lab work in September (feel free to refresh your memory here), I started eating one Brazil nut every day. Brazil nuts are good source of selenium, you know.

I may have been overly confident in the power of the Brazil nuts because my TSH is back to a whopping 5.09 from 3.36 in September. So don’t believe everything you read about natural ‘remedies’, kids.

After this most current spike, I’ve started to see a pattern in my TSH: It’s high, I change my dose of Unithroid and the level goes down, then it elevates just enough to still be normal, my doctor makes no change in my medication and then BAM! It spikes back up to subclinical hypothyroid levels. This is the third time it’s happened.

Where do we go from here?

Well, I’m going to point this out to my doctor, I’m also going to tell her that no, I am not going gluten free, and then I’m going to ask her to write me a script to get tested for any vitamin deficiencies and potentially celiac disease (since she’s so hung up on gluten free).

I’ve also been doing a lot of research lately, and I’ve found some very interesting information. Stay tuned for that, it’ll be it’s own blog post. I may have a potential ace up my sleeve.

I’m also finally going to see a different doctor after my next round of labs.

And that’s that for now. An interesting start to 2022.

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