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Stop the presses. We have big news!

It’s taken 2 and a half years, but progress has been made.

Yes, it has been a while. I apologize and probably owe you a recap. Back in December 2021 my TSH had spiked back up, you can read the post of those results here. I never did do a follow up post (because I’m horrible, I know). Anyway, just like I predicted, my doctor increased my dose to 75mcg.. but, I also did a but of research on my own and found something very interesting.

There have been multiple studies on inositol plus selenium helping people with results just like mine (high TSH, normal T3 and T4) lower their TSH. So, I went for it. I ordered inositol and selenium and started taking it every day back in January.

Fast forward to my latest lab results:

Now that, that right there is something. Technically, I’ve thrown myself into slightly hyperthyroid but this is the lowest my TSH has ever been. I’ve never been lower than 2.5!

I was a little concerned, but my doctor assured me that this is okay as long as I don’t feel any hyperthyroid symptoms (for the record, I still feel exactly the same). There isn’t much we can do from a dosage perspective because Unithroid goes from 50mcg to 75mcg, so the plan is to take a full 75mcg for 6 days a week and take a half on the 7th day. That should take care of the .07 that I need to be in the ‘normal’ range.

I’m also going to continue to take the inositol but will reduce my selenium intake to 2 times a week.

It’s about time, honestly. It’s really easy to get discouraged, I know from experience, but keep doing your own research and do not stop trying. There is a combination of things that will work for you!

As always, please consult your doctor before starting any supplements!

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